The original soundtrack recording for this 1969 Italian thriller filmed in San Francisco by cult director Lucio Fulci. The movie has one of the best and most well-known scores written by the mighty Riz Ortolani. Groovy and jazzy and unlike many other Italian soundtracks.

  • Limited edition pink vinyl
  • Special deluxe gatefold sleeve
  • Edition of 500

A1. Una Sull'Altra
A2. Susan And Jane
A3. Lombard Street
A4. Sitar In Blues
A5. St. Francisco Railways
A6. St. Quentin
A7. Golden Gate Bridge
B1. Latin Quarter
B2. Susan And Jane
B3. The Roaring Twenties
B4. Una Sull'Altra
B5. Una Sull'Altra
B6. Sitar In Blues
B7. Susan And Jane
B8. Susan And Jane

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