Riz Ortolani's soundtrack for Il Consigliori (1973) is a varied mix of elements, approaches, and methods, and it will satisfy collectors searching for depth and emotion in their soundtracks. Ortolani bravely experiments with a certain pop sound, moving through devastating moments of love and explosions of brass to represent the violence and the action. Light-hearted at some moments and brooding at others, Il Consigliori serves up prime Riz for cult Italian soundtrack fans, while also serving as a great reminder of Ortolani's seldom-matched musical greatness on the silver screen. Deluxe reissue on LP, remastered with audiophile quality.

A1. Tomas Theme
A2. The Advisor
A3. Pupi Siciliani
A4. Sympathy-Love
A5. The Advisor
A6. Tomas Theme
A7. Music Flute
B1. Kermesse Folkloristica
B2. Tomas Theme
B3. The Advisor
B4. Tomas Theme
B5. Pupi Siciliani
B6. The Advisor
B7. Tomas Theme
B8. The Advisor
B9. Tomas Theme
B10. Tomas Theme

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