Dragon's Domain records presents the original soundtrack to the 1989 cult horror film BRIDE OF REANIMATOR with music by Richard Band. Mr Band carries on his themes from the original REANIMATOR in this newly remastered edition, not available on CD for over two decades.

01. Prologue
02. Maybe His Nerves / War Inside The Tent
03. Main Titles
04. Hill's Head... Dead? / Room With Parts / West Steals Feet
05. West Hits It On The Head / Driving To The House
06. Finger / Eye Ball Experiment
07. West Convinces Dan
08. Inspector Comes
09. Bat Sequence
10. West & Dan Get Body
11. "Don't You Ever... Do That Again"
12. Francesca With Inspector / Inspector Tells His Story
13. Inspector Drives Up
14. Love Scene-To West / West's Limb Experiment / Sex Scene / West with Inspector / Inspector In Lab
15. "Well, We Could..."
16. West's Idea About The Dog / Dog Handshake
17. Dan Screams
18. West's Devilishness
19. Hill's Hypnotism
20. "I'll Get The Head"
21. West Convinces Dan (Again)
22. Hill With Inspector
23. Inspector Grabs Francesca
24. Building The Bride / Dr. Hill Goes Batty / The Bride Lives
25. End Sequence: West Looks For Head / Reveal The Bride / West's Justification / Dan Turns Away From Bride / Dead Heads Come To Kill
26. The Freak Show Behind The Wall / The End of Herbert West? / End Titles

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