Electronic musician Repeated Viewing – aka Alan Sinclair – returns with an album that rewinds back to the days of lurid VHS video covers for ‘The Family’, the soundtrack to a movie playing out in his imagination involving satanic bikers, human levitation and lovers on the run.

Available digitally and as two limited edition, hand-numbered cassette offerings: choose from a ‘Biker Black Leather’ shell or the alternative in ‘Devil’s Tail Red’ – both options inspired by the packaging for the tapes.

‘Goes all out for 1980s synth bombast; conjuring images of ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper on a Harley-Davidson. Great fun.’ Bob Fischer, Electronic Sound magazine.

Alan Sinclair (Repeated Viewing) on ‘The Family’:

“The Family came together as a piece of escapism forged during the sheer boredom of 2020’s seemingly never-ending lockdowns. A loose narrative is in place – a young man flees from involvement in an accidental death, meets up with a satanic biker gang, gets involved in some heart racing criminal activity, falls for the head maniac’s daughter, tries to escape with his lover and is ultimately sucked back into the gang as a brainwashed henchman. You know, a family movie – you probably saw it on VHS circa 1992... Some of these tracks had been destined for another project, which fell through due to the production woes of the global meltdown, so I’m glad they’ve finally found a home elsewhere. Stay safe kids!”

  • Limited Edition Cassette: Biker Leather Black

01. Don't Move The Body! 04:08
02. Hitching 02:41
03. The Cult Is Real 04:02
04. Witness To A Levitation 02:33
05. Daylight Raid 03:32
06. I Think She Likes You 01:50
07. We Cannot Be Stopped 04:51
08. The Ultimate Sacrifice 03:33
09. Run, Don't Walk! 02:59
10. Reverse Baptism 04:09
11. The Family 05:00

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