A new album of horror synth compositions from the always inspired Repeated Viewing (aka Alan Sinclair). ‘A hugely enjoyable cinematic collection of synth terror’ – Electronic Sound magazine.

Repeated Viewing’s Alan Sinclair on ‘Nature’s Revenge’:

The inspiration for Nature’s Revenge came to me whilst sitting up a hill in the beautiful Scottish wilderness. The rugged landscapes of my homeland provide unparalleled moments of awe, often mixed with a sense of dread as the inevitable foul weather moves in; surely the perfect location for some truly horrific cinematic shenanigans.

Is there an underlying narrative to Nature’s Revenge? Perhaps a poorly-planned woodland wander gone sour, creepy encounters with strange forest beings, or ramblers frantically fleeing their unfortunate dealings with the 'hill folk'.

The other key inspiration for this selection of tracks was my purchase of an Ensoniq ESQ1 synth, a piece of kit that the Skinny Puppy fan in me has lusted after for a long time (fellow Puppies will note their direct influence on the LP title). The ESQ1 offers a weirdly organic take on digital sounds and proved the perfect tool for helping craft my synthetic vision of the great outdoors. It always starts with a synth after all...

So grab yer backpack and headphones, hit the hills... and for God’s sake don’t wave hello to that weird guy sitting on the car park wall.

  • Strictly limited 'Blood Soaked Tent' (Red & Yellow split) colored cassette shell, with double sided fold-out j-card
  • Colors mirror cover artwork & interior panels by Eric Adrian Lee
  • Download card included

01. Nature's Revenge 06:02
02. Up The Valley 02:54
03. The Black Peak 02:11
04. Watchers 04:48
05. Hunt The Outsider 03:18
06. Magic Is All Around You 02:22
07. In Shadows 05:20
08. Groundswell 02:16
09. Fell Runners Embrace The Void 08:48
10. Follow The River 05:30

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