What to write about an album called Murdercoaster...? After several years of far too much serious stuff going on, I figured it was time to have a bit of fun again! This album draws on all the very worst of home video entertainment as an influence (previous listeners will be shocked by this revelation). I'm talking about the kind of trashy fun that required all the cheap latex, slime and screaming teenagers available to make the thinly draped plot bearable. A satanic fun fair built on a gateway to hell? Demented carnies fuelling demonic rides run on human blood? Alien overlords preying on teenage flesh via a death trap riddled theme park? You decide as you listen. One thing’s for certain, you won’t catch me at the fair... I f-ing hate rollercoasters!

  • Limited Edition Cassette: 'Rollercoaster Splatter' shell

01. Murdercoaster 04:59
02. Fun Of The Flayer 05:14
03. Slot Machine Slaughter 02:58
04. Love Canal Of Blood 04:22
05. This Ain't Candyfloss 01:48
06. Dreaming On The Big Wheel 05:59
07. Dodgems Of Death 05:22
08. The House Of The Cracked Mirrors 00:50
09. No Ticket, No Prize 00:40
10. Exit Via The Gift Chop 05:10

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