Do you believe in ghosts? Those things that cannot be explained which lurk where we fear to tread once that last light goes dark?

Paranormal Sounds of the Synthesizer, was written and conceived as a library record for just that. Electronic music composers Repeated Viewing and Timothy Fife have created a record to take you into the world of the paranormal, the unexplained, and what happens when the light goes out.

Paranormal Sounds of the Synthesizer is a “split” LP. Repeated Viewing covers side A, while Timothy Fife handles side B. Repeated Viewing’s mood is of dread and darkness. They build a musical world of haunted parlors, candles flickering, and incantations spoken in whispered tongues. Timothy Fife, by contrast, takes us into the world which lies between here and there. Electrical pulses and droning currents make contact with the other side, giving static charge and access to afterlife conversations with those long from this earth.

  • 140g Ruby vinyl, with insert print, download card and sleeve notes by John Hubner
  • Artwork by Hauntlove

01. Repeated Viewing - An Evaluation of Unexplained Events 02:12
02. Repeated Viewing - The Olde Time Religion 02:47
03. Repeated Viewing - Bleak Knoll, near Coplow Dale 02:02
04. Repeated Viewing - Haunted Technology 02:48
05. Repeated Viewing - The Borley Rectory Confession 03:55
06. Repeated Viewing - Testing the Void 01:56
07. Repeated Viewing - The Knocking Ghost 01:07
08. Repeated Viewing - Establishing Contact with the Dead 02:09
09. Timothy Fife - Intro/Jamais Vu 04:09
10. Timothy Fife - Incipiency of the Seance 01:25
11. Timothy Fife - Projection to a Former Life 02:08
12. Timothy Fife - Spectral Evidence 01:24
13. Timothy Fife - Entering the 6th Dimension 03:53
14. Timothy Fife - Deadly Evocation 01:45
15. Timothy Fife - Deja Vu 02:48

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