He’s back! After nine years away from the big screen, the Big G reappeared for his 30th anniversary in THE RETURN OF GODZILLA. Produced by Godzilla’s creator Tomoyuki Tanaka and directed by Koji Hashimoto, the picture returns the uber-kaiju to the ultimate antagonist he was always intended to be. Watch as he devastates Tokyo after being resurrected by an underwater volcano and thrill to the dramatic and explosive musical score by Reijiro Koroku!

Having previously worked with Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, Koroku was the perfect choice to score the Big G’s triumphant return, creating no less than three themes for everybody’s favourite kaiju. Listen to the rumbling low-frequencies and powerful brass attacks as he ravages a power plant and fights the Japanese Self Defence Forces (JSDF) and swoon to the love theme for Maki and Naoko. Koroku also wrote exciting pieces for the JSDF and the Super-X, a particular machine designed to fight Godzilla. Still, it’s his respect and reverence for the Big G that makes THE RETURN OF GODZILLA such a success. The score ends with vocalists The Star Sisters lamenting Godzilla’s disappearance, cementing the place he has in our hearts. “Take care now, Godzilla, my old friend.”

  • 140 Gram Red Vinyl

01. Main Title
02. Victim
03. Mysterious Creature
04. The True Identity of the Enormous Creature
05. Hayashida Research Institute
06. Maki and Naoko
07. The Soviet Nuclear Submarine’s Crisis
08. The Terror in the Ocean’s Depths
09. The Ban is Lifted on the News
10. Report I
11. Naoko’s Sorrow
12. The Search for the Enemy Begins
13. Godzilla Emerges at the Ihama Nuclear Power Plant
14. The Destruction of the Nuclear Power Plant
15. Report II
16. The Mt. Mihara Crater
17. US Soviet Special Envoys Arrive
18. To the Prime Minister’s Relief
19. Soviet Nuclear Satellite
20. Emergency Evacuation Ordered
21. The Self-Defense Forces go to Mt. Mihara
22. Coast Lookout Preparations
23. Godzilla Appears
24. Balashevo
25. Godzilla Devastates Yurakucho
26. The Guidance Strategy Begins
27. Deserted Streets
28. The Life of the Town
29. Godzilla and the Magnetic Substance
30. The Super-X Mobilizes
31. Nuclear Missile Launch
32. The Missile Draws Near
33. The Giant Beast Collapses
34. Super High-Rise Rescue
35. The Two who were Left Behind
36. The Desire to Live
37. Nuclear Resolution
38. The Red Sky
39. Thunder
40. The Awakening of the Giant Beast I
41. The Awakening of the Giant Beast II
42. The Awakening of the Giant Beast III
43. The Awakening of the Giant Beast IV
44. Godzilla vs. the Super-X
45. The Terror of Godzilla
46. The Crimson City
47. Godzilla Heads to Oshima
48. Godzilla Arrives at Oshima
49. Godzilla Falls into Mt. Mihara
50. “Godzilla” Ending

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