Germany has had a thriving Black Metal underground since its inception in the early 80’s. As black metal shifted and molded itself into many different sounds and influencing from certain areas of the world Germany would take on a particularly grim and sorrowful sound. Triumphant yet filled with desolate riffing and mournful passages.

Regum have been active in the German underground since 1998. They have not bowed to any trend or commercialization. Regnum has instead remained absolutely focused on the true German black metal sound that owes much to the ancient pagan ceremonies of the Black Forest as it does to crushing and dismal winters from which this music is spawned.

Hinter der Schwelle des Schmerzes is a cassette only release by this German cult originally released in small quantities in 2011. These represent the final copies of this pitch black release unearthed from the labels cellar. Once these are gone it will return to the darkness forever. As it should be.

01. Grenzenlose Onmacht 7:27
02. Hassgeschwür 5:15
03. Spiegel meiner Wut 6:39
04. Instrumental 5:50
05. Spiegel meiner Wut* 4:19

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