Soundtrack to a 90's RPG, that was forgotten by time. Created with classic digital tones from Yamaha and Casio keyboards.

This is a new edition of our previous release, this time representing the "complete collection" with the two bonus tracks and updated audio sequencing, as well.

These two volumes come packaged in an outer slipcase box emblazened with the "complete collection" artwork. Inside, each cassette is packaged in it's own Norelco box with individual j-card included. Each volume's tape shell matches the layout, with glossy full color sticker labels on both A/B. Limited to 250 copies.

01. Above the Vast Clouds of the Aquamarine Peak 02:04
02. The Divine Rays of the Sunrise Eclipse 01:32
03. The Elder Mirror of Unspoken Truths 01:47
04. The Ancient Druid Shrine of the Elkwood Labyrinth 01:50
05. The Warm Mead and Crackling Fires of the Gremweld Tavern 02:20
06. The Hallowed Halls of Decadent Sorrow 02:27
07. The Five Holy Runes of White Magic 02:18
08. Journey into the Great Crystal Forest 01:45
09. The Fountain of Healing Faith 02:36
10. Lost Within the Caverns of Turpitude 02:22
11. Beyond the Fog of the Mistvale Inn 01:28
12. The Vibrant Marketplace of the Moon Valley Kingdom 02:13
13. The Blessed Ravine of Colossal Majesty 02:21
14. Eternal Ballet of the Cosmic Deities 01:58
15. Seeking Fortune of the High Seas of Distant Realms 01:40
16. The Echoes of the Enchanted Manor 01:45
17. The Accursed Cathedral of the Ninth Order 01:32
18. Deep Within the Sacred Crypt of the Forgotten City of Rindforge 02:00
19. Waters of Purity from the Celestial Palace 01:44
20. Ode to the Fallen Gods of Fernhelm 02:18

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