Haunting the bubbling murk of the phantom filth fenlands, hazy vapours rising up from the foetid muck of the mystery malice, transmogrified the deformed frivolity foul of the realm known only in fearful derangements of the realm known as the Putrid Marsh. Birthed from the immortal mud by The Reclusive Goblin in the age of 2020, Putrid Marsh has been infecting mortals with its hypnotic fumes of dungeon swamp synth, fey fingle fulminations of the creatures contained within its many incantations laughing with mouldering fangs from the shadows beyond. It would be this giggling mania that would bring to unlife the latest of the Putrid Marsh’s incantations, Laughing Shadows, which is brought to acolytes by the iron corruption of GoatowaRex verdigris virtuosity upon the finest vinyl wax of raven ruin.

Riven with the putrescent puzzle pieces of the gibbering insane, Laughing Shadows is the looming leer of the quagmire quadrivium. Ominous notes of sluggish decay slathered over droning synth lines of marshland melancholy, strange voices whispering of hissing horror, moaning endlessly of the sanguine riddles by fear flesh redemption—a lichen enigma of rotted vine choking the clarity of mind for all those wishing to lose themselves in the glimmering void. Written in filth, Laughing Shadows is the Putird Marsh’s most potent alchemical incantation to date, taking its dungeon swamp synth into even murkier depths of the terrible tombs. For worshippers of the crawling slime and addicts of the dry rot, The Reclusive Goblin beckons with emaciated claw, the pleasures of the mud along with it.

  • Pressed on 180g "Green" vinyl
  • Housed in gold foil jacket
  • Comes with artwork

A1. Infernal Resting Place
A2. Throne Of Dry Rot
A3. Forager Of Torment
A4. Archaic Dismay
A5. Creeping Slime
A6. Mutilated Moor
A7. Strange Voices
B1. Rotten Confusion
B2. A Wasp Overhead
B3. Souls Mired In The Den Of Evil
B4. Glimmering Void
B5. Written In Filth
B6. Terrible Tomb

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