Angry Love Productions presents the official reissue of the first studio album Force The Hand Of Chance (1982) by Psychic TV. Back on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years. Cut from the original masters in the WEA UK vaults, this limited-edition pressing is sure to sell out fast. Force The Hand Of Chance remains one of Psychic TV's most seminal albums boasting classic tracks such as "Just Drifting" and "Ov Power" as well as a vocal feature by Marc Almond of Soft Cell on the haunting "Guiltless". Edition of 1,000.

A1. Just Drifting (3:40)
A2. Terminus (13:19)
A3. Stolen Kisses (3:51)
A4. Caresse (2:13)
B1. Guiltless (8:47)
B2. No Go Go (3:47)
B3. Ov Power (6:21)
B4. Message from the Temple (5:03)

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