Psychedelic Speed Freaks is a new power trio led by Munehiro Narita, founding member of Japan's legendary High Rise and easily one of the wildest, most original guitarists in rock history. Blazing in total hyper-saturated glory, Psychedelic Speed Freaks centers on the raw, unrelenting attack of Narita's "motorcycle fuzztone guitar" and a rhythm section driven by a pair of untamed LA acid punks. Recorded deep in-the-red and punched into overdrive, Psychedelic Speed Freaks is a full-throttle adrenaline shot into the 21st Century. Housed in custom printed deluxe Stoughton tip-on jackets; Pressed to high quality vinyl at RTI; Includes download codes.

01. Redline 05:07
02. Lawless 05:00
03. Bedlam 05:06
04. End Your Worries 06:00
05. Night Seer 04:47
06. Immaterialized 07:26

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