New LP by Neil 'Correlations/The Relations' Hale under the moniker of Proto Droids. Expect a fresh take on 80s electro mixed with the hottest Italo disco. In summary: synth bangers from beginning to end!

LP cover artwork and design by Eric Adrian Lee. As usual, removable Japanese style OBI strip, anti static inner sleeve and protective clear outer sleeve are included with every purchase.

Limited edition, hand numbered vinyl release split between two different coloured variants - green and black, mirroring the cover, or multi coloured splatter.

  • Short Circuit Splatter variant

01. Pleasure Mode 04:36
02. A Number Of Games 04:45
03. Heat Map 04:35
04. Functioning 03:50
05. Hall Of Mirrors 01:32
06. Roboterwerke 00:35
07. Model 700 04:13
08. Porsche 928 Ocean Drive 03:54
09. Drooged Doper 07:41
10. German Version 02:40

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