NKT presents The Inner Empire, the work from Siberian trio Presidiomodelo, where misty atmospheres are infused with a murky, industrial aesthetic. Following previous NKT investigations into inner conflict and alienation, The Inner Empire is a meditation on themes of self-confinement and interior exile. Originally composed for theater, here revisited to include the full original recordings, it is an evocative thirty-minute journey that burrows deep like the diamond mines. Rumbling synths oscillate amongst delicate beds of chimes whilst ghostly chants and guttural tones vibrate around the sound of handmade instruments and hypnotic drums, all immersed into the humid Siberian forest. The soundtrack drifts unbroken throughout sections as if shifting through different thresholds of consciousness, dilating time and projecting images of ancient scenes and archaic practices.

A1. The Inner Empire, side A (15:24)
B1. The Inner Empire, side B (15:37

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