Sagara present a reissue of Plus's The Seven Deadly Sins, originally released in 1969. A true lost gem of the '60s, The Seven Deadly Sins could be viewed as a simple cash-in on the success of Jesus Christ Superstar if it weren't for the fact that this LP is deeper and rocks harder. With wild fuzz guitar, string interludes, an entire choir, piano, organ, and a song cycle structured like a Catholic mass, the group Plus made this one overlooked classic (with the assistance of ex-Yardbirds bassist/producer, Simon Napier-Bell) and then disappeared into the night. Essential for any fan of '60s psych/prog and concept albums in general. Die-cut gatefold LP.

A1. Introit: "Twenty Thousand People"
A2. Gloria In Excelsis: "Toccata"
A3. Avarice: "Daddy's Thing"
A4. Pride: "Pride"
A5. Sloth: "Open Up Your Eyes"
A6. Wrath: "Gemegemera"
B1. The Secrets: "Devil's Hymn"
B2. Lust: "Maybe You're The Same"
B3. Envy: "I'm Talking As A Friend"
B4. Gluttony: "Something Is Threatening Your Family"
B5. The Dismissal: "Twenty Thousand People"

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