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Porci con la P.38" is an almost unknown Italian crime movie directed in 1978 by Gianfranco Pagani – his
only and soon forgotten work to date, for two main reasons: the modest quality of the final result and the historical period in which was made, the end of the ’70s, when its film genre had practically dissolved.

Its music score, on the other and, written by composer and conductor Pippo Caruso (1935-2018), is a quite different matter, and only by pure chance has just been luckily and very recently discovered from the vast archives of Cinevox Record; in 1978, when the most popular music trend was the newborn disco / dance, Caruso wrote a set of compositions that seem suspended in time, sounding like they belong to the golden age of crime film masterpieces. Symphonic orchestrations, jazz-rock, funk and suspenseful ‘Morriconian’ dissonances are the main ingredients of an excellent work, which probably many soundtrack enthusiasts and collectors were also unaware of… until today!

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01. Porci con la P.38 (Il commissario Morris)
02. Porci con la P.38 (In famiglia)
03. Porci con la P.38 (In discoteca)
04. Porci con la P.38 (Lo spinello)
05. Porci con la P.38 (L’assassinio del vecchio)
06. Porci con la P.38 (Overdose)
07. Porci con la P.38 (L’agguato al corriere)
08. Porci con la P.38 (Lo strangolamento)
09. Porci con la P.38 (La fuga con la bambina)
10. Porci con la P.38 (Nel vecchio mulinol)
11. Porci con la P.38 (L’inseguimento finale)
12. Porci con la P.38 (La droga uccide)
13. Porci con la P.38 (Titoli di coda)

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