"A bit more information re: the Creel Pone puzzle. These are and will continue to be small-batch CD-r editions reproducing highly covetable and otherwise un-available Early-Electronic and Synth-Freakout LPs from the private collection of one Mr. P.C. C.P. - some of you Reckankomplex followers might remember he was our prior Webmaster and in-house DJ. Each Creel Pone comes complete in a 5” crystal clear resealable polypropylene jacket containing a high-quality full-color photo-stock print of the original LP sleeve and a cool inkjet printed white top / black bottom disc housed in its own high density round bottom CDsleeve.The audio in each case has been expertly restored from the original Vinyl source at 24-bit resolution, removing all non-essential surface noise and ground-hum - although, and certainly in the case of this title given the original LP's scarcity, there will be a click /pop or two from time to time. So ... not your average grey-area needle-drop reissues but in fact something much, much nicer - the love certainly does shine through. And the hits keep on coming - long my favorite Pierre Henry record, baffling that it was never included in one of those umpteen multi-disc box-sets on Philips from the late 90s. In the twilight days of the 1970s Henry, with the assistance of the mysterious Roger Lafosse, built a brainwave-conduction system which he placed on the heads of various individuals, feeding the resultant voltages into a giant synthesizer. The concept being that the “Composer” of the music was the one to whom the transducers were affixed. Hearing the music - inarguably Henry’s fiercest and most unrelenting bit of pure analog skree - it’s understandable that this process never sparked an auto-electroacoustic-composition movement. Originally issued in a beautiful silver / black foil-stamped sleeve - reproduced wonderfully here - as part of the illustrious Prospective 21e Siècle series on Philips. Mind-slaying and so incredibly aggressive for a record from 1970. Fans of the current wave of free-electronic noise-blat - Wolf Eyes, Peter B., Nautical Almanac, et.al - will find much herein to convulse over." -Keith Fullerton Whitman

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