"What better way to celebrate Creel Pone #33 (the significance? you decide) than to offer a follow-up to the title that put Mr P.C. C.P. on the map (not Tom Hamilton’s “Pieces for Kohn” - although that was in fact the first and is amazing, now deleted.) Behold, the third staging (at the 8th International Conference of Electro-Encephalography, no less) of Pierre Henry’s “Cortical Art”, engineered by a young Bernard Bonnier & again utilizing Roger Lafosse's brain-wave induction systems. Where “Mise en Musique” wowed us all with it’s full-on synth-noise grind in song-length segments, “Cortical Art III” slowly builds over two side-length performances from a whisper of nervous oscillator-gurgle into a storm of frenzied bleeps and a distorted hash of brainwaves & analogue filtering. In a way this trumps even the “Mise” LP, although given you’re going to need a slightly longer attention-span for it to truly “work” - there are all sorts of references in the French liner notes to “Alpha” and “Beta” brain waves - get out your bi-focals. What’s interesting to me is that this is actually a room recording of the performance - all of Henry / Bonnier’s knob-twiddling and button-pressing quite audible, as are the audience’s coughs and whispered comments to each other - or maybe i’m just imagining things - and yes the room erupts in riotous applause at the end - God bless those early 70s Provençal audiences! Ed Maurer said it best, "what a performance this must have been to witness, as this is one of the most over-the-top recordings of all time,” i can only agree." -Keith Fullerton Whitman

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