Piero Umiliani writes music for the Rai TV documentary produced by Gigi Martello and Lionello Torossi for Italian Fremantle in 1964 titled "The Gift of the Nile", directed by Corrado Sofia, with whom the Florentine musician will collaborate several times for television tuning. Originally printed by CAM on LP and 7 "The Gift of the Nile / Arab Market", both of which are very rare and sought after, contain exotic flavors and world-easy listening. directed by Umiliani himself and the participation of singer Tawfik Yussr

  • First official reissue
  • 700 copies hand numbered - first 300 on colored vinyl

01. The Gift Of The Nile
02. Abu Simbel Temples
03. Towards The Sudan
04. Memous Colossis
05. Dancers Of The Ventre
06. Cleopatra
07. Arabic Market
08. Ramses
09. Twist Of Faraone
10. Mausoleum Of The Agakan
11. Eches Of Battles
12. The Valley Of Re5
13. Magic Of Waters

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