Reissue of this 1969 classic Piero Umiliani soundtrack, Sweden Heaven And Hell. Featuring the all-time hit "Ma-Nah Ma-Nah". Russian import on endless import. Gatefold vinyl; edition of 500.

A1. Mah-Na-Mah-Na (2:08)
A2. You Tried To Warn Me (2:32)
A3. Sleep Now Little One (2:08)
A4. You Tried To Warn Me (3:22)
A5. Beer, Vermouth And Gin (2:15)
B1. You Tried To Warn Me (3:00)
B2. To Be A Woman (2:57)
B3. Cow-Boy (2:37)
B4. Beer, Vermouth And Gin (3:00)
B5. Sleep Now Little One (2:06)

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HE 69002LP

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