Dagored presents a double LP bundle of two first official Piero Umiliani reissues. Africa from Piero Umiliani's M. Zalla moniker, originally released in 1972, and Continente Nero, released under Umiliani's own name in 1975. The double LP bundle contains inserts with liner notes for each release; Edition of 500.

From the liner notes for Africa, curated by Stefano Gilardino: ". . . Keep in mind the release year, January 1972, before approaching the matter covered in this precious jewel: the black rhythm of the incredible 'Africa To-Day', the 'fourth world' Jon Hassell-style of 'Green Dawn', the 'exotic' touch à la Martin Denny ('Lonely Village', 'Echos'), the 'Sortilège''s reference to the electronic new wave (really!), the folk influence ('Rite', 'Folk-Tune'). With many years in advance, Umiliani synthesizes in Africa sounds and styles that will make then the fortune of well-celebrated and famous artists. . . ."

From the liner notes for Continente Nero, curated by Luca Collepiccolo: ". . . The African continent rebuilt in 'microsolchi' by maestro Umiliani in 1975 is therefore a projection, an image that is influenced strongly by the affairs of overseas colleagues. All those artists from Duke Ellington to the Art Ensemble of Chicago, through Max Roach, who have been fundamental in the genesis of African-American culture . . . Over 40 years since its conception, it is a remarkable, pioneering work, a place of hypotheses and happy intuitions. . . ."

Africa (1972):
A1. Africa To-Day
A2. Savana
A3. Green Dawn
A4. Rhythmical Stress
A5. Drums Choral
A6. Lonely Village
A7. Mysterious
B1. Echos
B2. Sortilège
B3. African Suspence
B4. Sadness
B5. Rite
B6. Folk-Tune
B7. Drums Suspence

Continente Nero (1975):
A1. Rivoluzionari
A2. Nel Villaggio
A3. Nuove Realta'
A4. Antiche Tradizioni
A5. Nuovi Fermenti
A6. Sole Percussioni
A7. Piffero Africano
A8. Continente Nero
B1. Riscossa
B2. Ultimo Stregone
B3. Continente Nero
B4. Preparativi
B5. Oasi
B6. Tribalismo
B7. Giorno Di Mercato
B8. Flauto Africano

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