The dark jazz masterpiece by Piero Piccioni written for the film directed by Paolo Heusch in 1962, played by Franco Citti and taken from the novel under the same title written by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Produced and made by CAM on a rare and sophisticated LP, the music of Piero Piccioni for this film embraces the jazz big band’s frantic pulsations, directed by the Master – who sits on the piano – with symphonism and the best popular Italian melodic tradition brass, dart, bows and rhythm.

  • First official reissue
  • 500 copies hand numbered – first 200 on colored vinyl

01. Una Vita Violenta
02. Theme Song
03. Irene
04. Vita Violenta
05. Tu Sarai Così
06. Preparazione E Ultimo Sogno
07. Valzer Chic
08. Autoradio
09. Esterno Notte
10. Jazz Theme Song
11. Serenata Cha Cha Cha
12. Serenata Milonga
13. String Of Pearl Twist
14. Valzer Chic Reverie
15. Easy Calypso
16. Theme Song
17. Vita Violenta Titoli

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