Easily comparable to the vaste number of movies from the erotic-dramatic genre popular between sixties and seventies, Alessandro Fallay’s Le Altre – a pretty much unknown director of Iranian origins – boasts an amazing soundtrack from the unforgettable Piero Piccioni, one of the acclaimed masters of the genre. The album moves between easy listening atmospheres to jazz and lounge, among Roma and Cinecittà’s summers parfumes. Everything topped off with woods, Hammond and guitars.

  • Pressed on transparent yellow vinyl

Le Altre (Seq. 2 - Titoli)
Le Altre (Seq. 3)
Le Altre (Seq. 5)
Le Altre (Seq. 29 - Titoli Alternativi #2)
Le Altre (Bossa Corta / Bonus Track)
Le Altre (Seq. 7)
Le Altre (Seq. 9)
Le Altre (Seq. 20)
Le Altre (Seq. 21)
Le Altre (Seq. 28)
Le Altre (Seq. 1 - Prologo)
Le Altre (Seq. 17)

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