‘Colpo Rovente’ is one of the rarest soundtrack albums in the Italian film music history. This soundtrack stands out from the traditional period into the psychedlic era. Soft-spoken and suave cool jazz, along with hallucinogenic go-go sounds appears throughout the film and soundtrack. Dynamic big band tunes are stunningly matched with impossibly beautiful jazz funk scores infused with a touch of bossa nova. If your tastes lie somewhere in the intersection between elegant European lounge and primal psychedelia, this soundtrack is a must-listen. Standard Black wax.

  • 2014 re-mastered version from original tapes
  • First ever LP reissue with original artwork
  • 180gram vinyl housed in Stoughton ‘Tip-On’ jacket
  • Fully detailed liner notes (by Hans Sangchol, Bulssazo)
  • Originally released in 1970
  • Also available on Expanded CD edition (12 bonus tracks)

01. Colpo Rovente
02. Kintabù
03. Identikit
04. LSD (Red Hot)
05. Eros
06. Fuoco
07. Easy Dreamer (Choir)
08. Chinatown Drugs
09. Colpo Rovente (Red Hot)
10. Mexican Dream
11. Acapulco
12. Colpo Rovente (Alt. #2)
13. Colpo Rovente(Endless Love) - CD Only Bonus Track
14. Kintabù (Alt. #2) - CD Only Bonus Track
15. Identikit(Alt. #2) - CD Only Bonus Track
16. LSD (Alt.) - CD Only Bonus Track
17. Easy Dreamer (Alt. #2) - CD Only Bonus Track
18. Mexican Dream (Alt. #2) - CD Only Bonus Track
19. Colpo Rovente (Senza Via D'uscita) - CD Only Bonus Track
20. Acapulco (Shake) - CD Only Bonus Track
21. Colpo Rovente (Occhio Dell'Uragano) - CD Only Bonus Track
22. Acapulco (Alt.#2) - CD Only Bonus Track
23. Colpo Rovente (Film End Titles) - CD Only Bonus Track

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