A rare Italian library/soundtrack gem reissued on vinyl for the first time since 1986, presented by Mitsuko & Svetlana Records, distributed by WRWTFWW Records. Composed by Piero Milesi. Archival reissue of the ethereal wonder from Italian architect/music installation and soundtrack master Piero Milesi. This lush adventure of meditative synth and melodic scores for lyricon and small chamber ensemble contains tracks from films The Nuclear Observatory Of Mr. Nanof (L'Osservatorio Nucleare Del Sig. Nanof, 1985), The Oversize House (La Casa Fuori Misura, 1985), theater play King's Night (La Notte Dei Re, 1986), and video The Presence Of The City (La Presenza Della Citta, 1984) produced by The University For Architecture of Milan. Highly recommended to astronautic mineral engineers of the mental system. Music for films, videos, and fireworks.

A1. Mr. Nanof's Tango
A2. Tom Thumb
A3. Between The Scale And The Apple
A4. Scene Of The Madmen
A5. Waiting For The Fête
A6. My Dad Had Two Mommies And Two Daddies
A7. Graffiti
A8. Towards The Tree In Front Of The House
B1. The Procession
B2. The Figurations - The Braid, The Rhombus, The Star
B3. The Presence Of The City
B4. The Waterfall

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