On his third full-length for Death Waltz Originals, PHV really pushes both himself and his trademark sound into new avenues to create something familiar yet completely alien. This LP has a sleazy-club vibe and some absolutely brutal acid jams interspersed throughout its runtime, as well as his usual spooky synth sounds. The album transposes the bars and clubs of William Friedkin’s CRUISING to a night of diethyl ether rag-fueled acid house and goth vibes.

01. Exterior / Night I 01:13
02. Who's here? I'm Here, You're Here 03:19
03. Private Club 837 08:19
04. Exterior / Night II 05:08
05. Eagle's Nest 03:19
06. Cock Pit 06:06
07. Exterior / Night III 03:16
08. Precinct Nite 04:34
09. Leaving The Bar 01:31
10. I Go Anywhere 05:52

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