Pentagram Home Video return with their sophomore record for Death Waltz Originals. Continuing the (satanic) path carved out on their debut LP Who’s Out There, broody analog electronics weave in between a thumping kick drum and snares that can snap a back at 50 paces. What Pentagram does with the 80’s infused synth template is give it space to breathe. His music is as much about what’s happening in between the bass stabs as the actual melodies themselves which gives his music an other worldly feel, the only person you could even mildly compare him too is Pye Corner Audio. In a world full of retro synth merchants PHV stands out because there is no hint of cheesy 80’s revisionism here, the music is dark, foreboding and very eerie indeed.

01. The Satanic Path
02. A Satanic Perspective On Youth Television
03. The Left Hand Path (Disco)
04. Ferric Church Organ
05. A Problem For The Occultist
06. The Black Mass Part I / II / Leviathan
07. A Great Celestial Event
08. The Parallel Realm
09. The Open Gate

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