A compelling slice of Canadian funk from the late '70s, inspired by the righteous power of James Brown's famous 'Payback' album, but who come across here with a warmer, clubbier feel overall. There's a nice degree of boogie in the mix, but the overall approach is definitely funk, with bumping basslines underneath tight horns, including plenty of sweet Fred Wesley-styled trombone. Originally from 1977.

A1. Le Payback (Vocal) 7:13
A2. Struttin' 3:25
A3. Feelin' Good 3:20
B1. Funky Feelin' 4:33
B2. The Force 2:58
B3. Disco Boogie 3:21
B4. Le Payback (Instrumental) 3:25
B5. The Mad Mechanic 2:58

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