Formed in 2010 and hailing from Quebec, OUBLIETH's 'Mornelance' is their debut cassette for Out of Season and limited to 200 copies.
"Falling somewhere in-between what some would call dungeon synth and the much more cinematographic scopes of artists like Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Klaus Schulz, Oublieth draws its inspiration in classic 70’s and 80’s fantasy themes, as evidenced by a recording done entirely with analog synthesisers as well as the stunning cover by renowned Dungeons and Dragons and Ravenloft artist Stephen Fabian (with permission)."

01. À l'Orée du Royaume 05:16
02. Près des Braises Mourantes 04:00
03. Le Château Oublié 05:27
04. Mornelance 07:00
05. Lac Hivernal 04:25
06. Retour au Donjon 03:26

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