Reissue, originally released in 1986. Heads have been after Otakar Olsaník and Jan Martis's Advanced Process for a long time. That's because "coincidentally-cosmic disco" packed with spaced-out, smacky-synth dynamite tends to become sought-after. Originally slipping out on the mighty Coloursound, the label described the sound as "contemporary synthesizer underscores played by computers; depicting future technologies in today's process." If they'd just added "acid-drenched", they'd have been closer to nailing it. The A-Side is beatless and perfect. "Atomic Plant 1" is a pulsing synth epic and could've easily soundtracked a stylish '80s thriller, a narcotically enhanced meeting between John Carpenter and Steve "Lovelock" Moore. "Atomic Plant 2" adds extra squelch and proper early computer synth squiggles. The third part "Fusion Point" showcases a dramatic and insistent industrial mood via a gripping sequencer pattern mixed with effects and accents. The trio of "Nuclear Radiation" tracks veer majestically from a hypnotic sequencer pattern with a heavy dramatic tune to hectic patterns without much of a tune, managing nevertheless to maintain a hold on the listener. The drums enter proceedings on Side B and they're absolutely outstanding. Coming on like a slicker, heavier Johnny Jewel production, "Regulators 1" marries the smoothest head-nod beat you can wish for, with a murky mechanical rhythm and phasing effects. After the stunning beatless version ("Regulators 2") the slo-mo "Data Load" sounds like its wading through the heaviest k-hole. "Modem" is a brief and breezy funky bass and synth squiggle wonder, of the beatless variety. "Robot Masters" sounds like something those Daft Parisians would've sampled on Discovery. An up-tempo, optimistic track with propulsive rhythms with dramatic synths. The breathless "Digiheart" double bill rounds things out, one with a dynamic driving rhythm and more slick-as-hell beats and the other without drums. Sourced from original analog tapes. Remastered for vinyl by Simon Francis.

01. Atomic Plant 1
02. Atomic Plant 2
03. Atomic Plant 3
04. Fusion Point 1
05. Fusion Point 2
06. Fusion Point 3
07. Nuclear Radiation 1
08. Nuclear Radiation 2
09. Nuclear Radiation 3

10. Regulators 1
11. Regulators 2
12. Data Load
13. Modem
14. Robot Masters
15. Digiheart 1
16. Digiheart 2

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