Orgasmo Sonore is proud to present a new album filled with original material all composed, recorded and produced during the year 2015. Themes International is a very special release created under specific circumstances. Every song included is associated with a particular thematic that was imposed during the creative process. Taken as a challenge, the music had to be recorded and completed in a period of two weeks. 21 songs were created during this challenge and the album compiles 12 of the best pieces. Over the course of these 12 selected themes, the listener is invited to take a trip through the exotic landscapes of late 20th century music, revisited with an original and modern spirit. People that are already used to Orgasmo Sonore will be happy to recognize the usual suspects and influences while the newcomer will discover the vast universe and large palette of sounds and genres on typical of the previous albums. With titles such as « Giallo », « Turkish Psych », « Erotische » or « Spaghetti Western » this record will defy any kind of classification. It’s groovy and rhythmic, retro and futuristic, erotic and exotic, cinematic and catchy, electric and electronic, it’s Orgasmo Sonore first original music record, don’t miss this one!

  • 180g solid black Vinyl Version

A1. Giallo 3:01
A2. Vampyros Lesbos 3:25
A3. Kpm Library 1:55
A4. Turkish Psych 3:21
A5. Electro Groove 4:52
A6. Krautrock 4:56
B1. Erotische 3:42
B2. Italian Library 1:56
B3. Morricone 2:14
B4. Exotica 5:17
B5. Roubaix 4:10
B6. Western Spaghetti 3:34

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