Already part of the history of music: This is the first "3LP" horror movie soundtrack in the history of vinyl records! The horror soundtrack sensation of 2015! Top collector item of the future!

A violent scandal movie directed by Jess Franco in 1981 and a soundtrack that will make you marvel. Released for the first time (35 years after the recording!).

Countless facets and surprises, dark sounds, paralyzing ambient, dope beats and tons of unreleased disco, psychedelic, Krautrock, Electronic, Rock, Score,... productions.
85 songs with more than 2 hours running time, first. Composed by Gerhard Heinz and Frank Duval / Orchester Michel Dupont.
A release which will astonish you even if you already listened to the audio snippets!

  • Limited Edition: 100 x black vinyl.

Interesting facts:

  • The 2015 Bloody Moon O.S.T. edition reached over 10000+ € production costs including mastering/remastering of 85 songs!!!
  • Jess Franco produced more than 200 movies and has a fanbase with hundred of thousands of fans but only a „handful“ of soundtracks are existing, check popsike.com (good basis that this release will get a top collector item)
  • The labels on the vinyl have a spinning saw head cut off effect.
  • cover is a hand glued custom-built model
  • Info sticker on cover is a joke referring to the 3LP Woodstock O.S.T.:
  • This is not Woodstook. This is "Bloody Moon“.

The demonized, unreleased 85 ! song soundtrack of the evil and banned Jess Franco movie from 1981. 3 LP Set HQ Limited Edition.

“A Violation Of Human Dignity” (judgement about the movie by the German movie inspecting authorities)

Some words by the producer:
Honestly I had no expectations or picture in my mind about this release but when I listened to the records the first time I was fascinated. It is a unique very good vinyl release. Somehow inscrutable and bigger than the sum of single ingredients which were put into the production.
Jay (Private Records)

A1. Intro 0:15
A2. Intro Part 2 1:02
A3. Love In The Shadow Part 1 4:29
A4. Holiday Feeling (Unreleased 12“ Version) 5:28
A5. Presentiment 0:22
A6. A Premonition Of What Was To Come 0:29
A7. The Bloody Saw Of Death Is Spinning 0:28
A8. Bloody Saw 0:17
A9. Pipe Of Death 0:40
A10. Spanish Guitar Melody 2:41
A11. The Fear Is Coming 1:08
A12. The Fear Arrived 1:05
A13. Shock 0:04
A14. Big Shock 0:13
A15. Killling Started 0:29
B1. Oh Sensualita 4:05
B2. Go Get A Kick 3:14
B3. Getting Weird 0:50
B4. Something is Coming 0:18
B5. You are Dead 1:08
B6. Spanish Guitar Folk 1:31
B7. Gloomy 1:37
B8. Ambient Of Death 2:55
B9. Pride Rock'n Roll 1:33
B10. Samba Tropical 3:14
B11. Oh Sensualita (Skipping Record Scene) 0:54
C1. Love In The Shadow Part 2 3:29
C2. The Dead Is Coming 0:43
C3. Riff Of Death 1:25
C4. Spinning Saw Suspense 0:29
C5. Psychedelic Saw Suspense 0:24
C6. Suspense 0:47
C7. What? 0:09
C8. Where? 0:17
C9. Cool Ambient 0:29
C10. Folksiness 2:17
C11. Saw Ambient 0:17
C12. Spanish Hit 2:25
C13. Suspense Minimalism 0:37
C14. Organic Supsense 0:28
C15. Emptiness 0:07
C16. Suspense Return 0:10
C17. Suspense Loop 0:35
C18. Spanish Hit Jingle 0:38
C19. Now You are Gone / Studio Hangout With The Crew 1:39
D1. Cheater's Theme 5:03
D2. Hit Fragment 1:27
D3. The Spinning Heavy Saw 0:53
D4. Saw Beat 1:09
D5. Saw Feeling 1:15
D6. Suspense Opera 3:06
D7. Deep Feeling 0:25
D8. Spinning Screams 0:29
D9. Somethings Happening 0:28
D10. Disco Nights 2:27
D11. High Sounds Spinning Through Your Head 1:15
D12. Saw Through 0:18
D13. Thrill Opera 1:38
D14. Warming Up 0:14
D15. Evil Warming Up 0:36
D16. Feeling Emptiness 0:26
D17. Killnight 0:30
E1. Holiday Feeling – Alternative (unreleased) Long 12“ Version 5:46
E2. The Saw Is Spinning again 1:25
E3. Pipes Of Death 0:41
E4. Pipes Of Desperation 0:34
E5. Deep Cut 0:19
E6. Saw Noise 0:17
E7. Epic Suspense Thrill 1:17
E8. Sound Of The Saw 0:42
E9. Bloody Moon Theme 4:24
F1. Echoes Of Death 0:54
F2. Deep Futuristic Ambient 1:37
F3. Bass Coil 1:25
F4. Minimalistic Saw 1:27
F5. Bloody Moon Theme - Alternative Version 4:24
F6. Forcing Up 1:28
F7. Pride Rock'n Roll Long Version 2:59
F8. Suspense Ambient Sound 0:15
F9. Suspense Ambient 1:28
F10. Studio Hangout / Pipe Session 3:38

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