London-based music label Spun Out Of Control is re-issuing one of its most popular cassette releases this month: All Hallows’ by OGRE and Dallas Campbell.

Described as an electronic score to the scariest horror movie you never saw and clocking in at just under an hour over the course of its 16 tracks, the dark synth album soundtracks a suitably spooky short story – provided on the fold-out artwork – by Robin Ogden (OGRE) and Faye Simms (Faye also provided the cover art). All Hallows’ was first released by Spun Out Of Control in June 2016, but has proved one of its most enduring soundtrack releases, with fans constantly requesting a second run.

Marking Spun Out Of Control’s second anniversary as a label this year, those requests have finally been granted, as All Hallows’ makes a re-appearance in a limited second batch of tapes, their numbers evenly split between two fresh choices of cover art – red and black, or pumpkin orange and white – and two cassette shells: solid red or solid orange.

OGRE (UK) and Dallas Campbell (US) have grown their fanbase as leading lights of the synthwave scene. The pair – who live on different continents and produce music individually as well as collaboratively – have in the past teamed up for an ambitious re-score of Kubrick’s ‘2001’ and Romero’s original ‘Night Of The Living Dead’.

Graphic design for the All Hallows’ tapes is by Eric Adrian Lee (revered for his artwork for the labels Mondo/DeathWaltz/Giallo Disco). All Spun Out Of Control cassettes also include digital downloads.

  • Pumpkin Orange

01. Beginnings of Decay (Prologue) 02:03
02. Last Rays of Daylight 05:23
03. Tomorrow's Headline 05:00
04. Anonymous Letter 02:47
05. Woodland Path 03:42
06. Sigils 02:51
07. Demented Mantra 03:42
08. Followed 02:58
09. Lockstep 02:54
10. Of Terror 03:21
11. Silhouette 02:34
12. Rabbit Run 03:01
13. Carve 07:11
14. End Credits 03:20
15. Today's Headlines 01:57
16. All Hallows' (Epilogue) 02:30

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