the label debut of OGRE (UK) and Dallas Campbell (US), who have grown their fanbase as leading lights of the synthwave scene. The pair – who live on different continents and produce music individually as well as collaboratively – most recently teamed up for an ambitious re-score of Kubrick’s ‘2001’.

All Hallows’, self-released digitally back in October 2015, now sees its first physical release on Spun Out Of Control.

An electronic score to the scariest horror movie you never saw, this is presented as a limited edition, hand numbered, 16-track audio cassette – its red & white split-colour shell mirroring beautiful cover art by Faye Simms – there is just under an hour of music to enjoy whilst reading the specially-written All Hallows’ story by Robin Ogden (OGRE) and Faye, provided on j-card and PDF.

Graphic design is by Eric Adrian Lee (Mondo/DeathWaltz/Giallo Disco). All Spun Out Of Control cassettes also include digital downloads.

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