Deluxe reissue of this '80s classic from Nurse With Wound. Expertly remastered by Denis Blackham. Beautifully packaged in six-panel gloss laminated digipack, with special gloss 12-page booklet with artwork by Babs Santini. Includes a bonus disc of outtakes, previously unreleased material, and remixes from Irr. App. (Ext.) and Andrew Liles.

Disc One: Main Feature
01. You walrus hurt the one you love 19:32 
02. Great balls of fur 20:13

Disc Two: Bonus Bits
01. entrée; Cream of nowhere by MS Waldron 08:09 
02. Summertimes belongs to me 05:16 
03. Elderly man river 04:02 
04. Down to the river 01:51 
05. Chicken in drag 01:47 
06. Poo poo song 05:34 
07. Yoko's anniversary 02:28 
08. Excerpt from Pricksongs 04:12 
09. It just ain't so 03:14 
10. dessert; Irregular around the margins by Andrew Liles 06:06

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