Exosomatic Artifacts inhabits the world of ideas while enacting the decay of the body. In "Sensorial Surrogate," the human sensorial experience is stripped of its physicality and mediated through plastic and glass, pixels and vibrating cones. "Envenomation" is an orgy of geometrical luminescent constructions of abstract realities, conceived and perceived by swarms of connected brains. "Computer Worm," a virus infecting a vast biosphere of code; occupying, multiplying, and corroding from within. When are we no longer the computer and in fact the worm? Features remixes from Fis (Tri Angle, Exit, Samurai Horo) and Shapednoise (Type, Hospital Productions, Opal Tapes).

01. Sensorial Surrograte
02. Evenomation
03. Computer Worm
04. Sensorial Surrofate (Fis' Wall of Crystal Version)
05. Sensorial Surrogate (Shapednoise Remix)

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