Alessio Natalizia's limited three-volume Voices cassette series (2014) is reworked and extended for this limited double vinyl release, marking a point of transition for Natalizia's Not Waving project in advance of a crushing dancefloor album for Diagonal, forthcoming at the time of this release. These 18 reshaped mixes of the tapes' original 23 tracks are shuffled up like a deck of tarot cards to form a new narrative. Drawing inspiration from Ivan Pavlov, Oliver Sacks, B. F. Skinner, and "the relationship between perception, memory, attention and comprehension," they render a quietly burning mind full of ideas and synæsthetic sensation, from the lush drone harmonics of "A Part of Thought" to pulsing EBM lab golems like "The Behaviourist Approach," with a really special touch for beautifully wistful, Eldritch/Italian analog electronics in the likes of "No Kill" or lump-in-throat closer "Voices." Perhaps the best comparison would be with Pye Corner Audio's Black Mill volumes, but Not Waving's varied yet coherent aesthetic feels more like a lost compilation of library music or early industrial music than the work of one super-talented guy. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton.

Disc 1
01. Publicly Observable 02:04 
02. Witzelsucht 03:44 
03. Not Feasible Certainly Impractical 05:03 
04. A Part of Thought 03:55 
05. It Needs No Meditation 02:59 
06. The Behaviourist Approach 04:08 
07. No Kill 04:47 
08. Body-image 04:31 
09. Dangerously Well 03:07 
10. Act of Memory 06:08 
11. Creating Capabilities 02:57 
12. Negative Reinforcement 05:04 
13. C4 to Eliminate 05:14 
14. Excesses 02:35 
15. Feeling-tone 05:19 
16. Disembodied 03:40 
17. Orange Juice for the Ear 02:17 
18. Voices 04:46

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NW 004LP

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