A collection of like-minded material recorded at random over a two-year span (2012-2014) with different equipment set-ups and production techniques. Some of the tracks were meant for specific albums and then shelved, or were recorded as one-offs. Here these tracks fall into a cohesive whole, hinting at the direction last seen with 2014's Sensory Margin (on VCO Recordings), wherein melodic sequences give way to more rhythmic charges and textured environments.

Some equipment used: Analogue Solutions SEMblance, Korg MS-20, Crumar Performer, Magic Echo Music PALette, Roland Juno 60, Roland CR-78, KNAS Ekdahl Moisturizer, Waldorf Streichfett

  • Professionally duplicated High Bias-Cassettes
  • Limited edition of 100 copies
  • Includes digital download

01. Visage 03:42
02. Pal-Seq 05:15
03. Patternmusik 06:03
04. Adreno 04:57
05. Cede 05:20
06. Fission 04:02
07. Endless Landscape 03:20
08. New Vision 07:20

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