The definitive version of this Italian splatter classic spread over 2 LPs and including 13 previously unheard cues. At Death Waltz Recording Company we’re proud to feature the music of some of the weirdest and most insane movies around, and few come crazier than Marino Girolami’s ZOMBI HOLOCAUST. Melding both Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBI 2 and Ruggero Deodato’s CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (hence the title), Girolami’s film pits an army of flesh-eating cannibals against members of the undead, with a group of nosey Americans caught in-between, to be feasted and experimented upon. Scoring this truly depraved opus is famed Italian composer Nico Fidenco, who finds the perfect balance between jazz-funk, oppressive electronics and soft-core vocals to give HOLOCAUST the soundtrack it needs. Fidenco goes everywhere and anywhere for this score, with thumping bass that wouldn’t sound out of place at a rave and the best jazz-flute this side of Jethro Tull. Synthesiser lines drift through the score like a fog, ranging from melodic new wave to dissonant and foreboding, while haunting female vocals inject the music with a pseudo-porno feel. And of course, there’s the traditional tribal percussion, as well as a healthy dose of church organ – Fidenco isn’t afraid of going anywhere and as a result you have a truly unique and absolutely mental example of zombie/cannibal film music.

  • Blue and Green Vinyl
  • Original cover art by Corlen Kruger
  • Sleeve notes by star Ian McCulloch, Stephen Thrower & Fabio Bambini

01. Fascinating horror
02. Make love on the wing
03. Fascinating horror
04. From the beyond
05. Living in the past
06. A dive into the past
07. Living in the future
08. The magic is in progress
09. Dee doom bee boom
10. Resurrection
11. Make love on the wing
12. A dive into the past
13. Resurrection
14. A dive into the past
15. From another world
16. A dive into the past
17. The magic is in progress
18. A dive into the past
19. Zombie parade
20. From the beyond
21. A dive into the past
22. From the beyond
23. Living in the past
24. From the beyond
25. Make love on the wing
26. From the beyond
27. Zombie parade
28. From the beyond
29. Fascinating horror
30. A dive into the past

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