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Burning Witches Records are proud to present Nick Sutton’s electronic dark and disturbing score to Varun Raman & Tom Hancock's debut short film, Transmission.

Sutton’s score brilliantly works with the film, which is set in a near-future dystopian Britain. It’s a sophisticated score with influences from the likes of Polish classical composer Henryk Górecki, and some heavy nods throughout to Wendy Carlos.

Featuring whirling organs, detuned creeping electronics and whimsical synths, get ready to go on a dark, dark journey!

Out this Friday, 12th January, on limited edition purple cassette. Comes with free download of the album plus exclusive video content from Transmission.

  • Limited Edition Purple Cassette
  • Cassette + Digital Album

01. The Screen 05:32
02. Radetzky March 02:05
03. Electrical Drone 03:48
04. Calming Waves 05:02
05. The Bunker 03:33
06. Torture 02:57
07. Her Memory 01:15
08. Transmission Theme 05:49
09. The Beach 01:47
10. Leave 'em Hanging 02:30
11. B M 02:05

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