A jazzy romp through the titillating ‘60s. On Mr. Peters’ Pets, composer Nicholas Carras ventures deep into the bongo-crazed percussion world of exotica! This is a jubilant jazz record with serious swagger.

The “film” on the other hand, is a low-budget adult comedy (a genre quaintly called a Nudie Cutie) from 1962. It’s possibly the silliest, dumbest, most ridiculous Nudie Cutie movie ever made! Follow Mr. Peters as he turns into various household pets for the sole purpose of getting a close and personal view of their well endowed owners!

Included here is a zine-style insert with a voluptuous set of notes and a DVD of the full feature film, with a special Modern Harmonic edit made to sync with your LP!

  • A Top Notch Jazz Record That Just Happened To Become An Adult Film Score!?!
  • Lots Of Bang For Your Bucks, On Third Man Pressed Yellow Vinyl!
  • Includes A Zine-Style Insert With A Great Set Of Notes From A Bodacious Pair Of Writers, And A Dvd Of The Film Plus A Special Edit To Sync With Your Lp

01. Mr. Peters' Theme
02. Animal Ambrosia
03. My Little Shasta
04. Two Drops In A Drip
05. A Happy Turtle
06. Jungle Duck
07. Three Sporty Ladies
08. Petey's Sweeties
09. The Happy Animal

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