ART OF FIGHTING was originally released for the NEOGEO in 1992. Serving as a prequel to SNK’s Fatal Fury fighting game series, the game featured beautiful sprites and unparalleled animation, coupled with a catchy, memorable soundtrack and a cast of iconic characters. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, the music of Art of Fighting has been restored at the highest possible quality for a new generation of fighting game fans to enjoy.

01. Theme of the Dragon and Tiger (Title) 00:40
02. Thanks for the 200 yen (Intrusion) 00:05
03. Which One Do You Want? I Want This One (Player Select) 00:42
04. Welcome to the Todo Mansion (Before Ryuhaku Todoh Stage) 00:44
05. ART OF FIGHT (Ryuhaku Todoh Stage) 02:44
06. Ah, I Want to Return to Japan (After Ryuhaku Todoh Stage) 00:33
07. Wait, Yuri! (Interrim Demo) 01:24
08. Mamemamemaame (Jack Turner Stage) 02:09
09. Delinquents Do Have Honor Too (After Jack Turner Stage) 00:30
10. Chinese Old Man (Lee Pai Long Stage) 01:20
11. Defeated by Age, As I Thought (After Lee Pai Long Stage) 00:31
12. Micha iya! (King Stage) 01:43
13. I Want to Return to a Normal Life (After King Stage) 00:27
14. Bonus Game (Bonus Game Select) 00:41
15. Initiation to the Super Special Moves (Bonus Game) 00:42
16. Strike! Strike! (Bonus Game Results) 00:12
17. Welcome to Downtown (Before Mickey Rogers Stage) 00:39
18. Being Tough Feels Good (Mickey Rogers Stage) 02:28
19. Being Tough Was Good (After Mickey Rogers Stage) 00:42
20. Flying Baaang! (John Crawley Stage) 02:01
21. Flying Booom!! (After John Crawley Stage) 00:40
22. Blue Moon Factory (Mr.BIG Stage) 01:54
23. Fight Uninjured (After Mr.BIG Stage) 00:45
24. Wait a Moment (Before Mr.Karate Stage) 00:52
25. The Tengu Show (Mr.Karate Stage) 02:08
26. I Can't Do It (After being defeated by Mr.Karate) 00:43
27. Is That Our Kid? (Staff Roll) 00:58
28. Hey, Let's Do It Again! (Continue) 00:17

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