Since selling out the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House in 2010, Neil Gaiman and FourPlay String Quartet have been firm friends and collaborators. They have toured the world together, released a New York Times best-selling book & record together, sold out Carnegie Hall together and most importantly, recorded a new album together, Signs of Life. Reflecting the fact that Gaiman and FourPlay have each, always refused to be pigeon-holed in their creativity - together, they have created something remarkable and unique.

Signs of Life is a gorgeous, ground-breaking and genre-bending collaboration between an iconic author and a unique musical ensemble. Part songwriting, part poetry, part story-telling; all encompassing, all-engaging, all beautiful.

  • Limited 'Silver Fox' colored vinyl

01. Clock
02. Möbius Strip
03. Bloody Sunrise
04. The Wreckers
05. Song of the Song
06. Credo
07. Neverwhere
08. Poem First Read on January 26th 2011 at the Sydney Opera House
09. The Problem With Saints
10. In Transit
11. Signs of a Life
12. Oceanic

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