Nathan Johnson’s incredible score for Rian Johnson’s time-travel masterpiece is coming to Vinyl for the first time. Composed using found sounds of the film’s production city of New Orleans, Nathan crafted a suspenseful, innovative soundtrack to the dystopian landscapes of a future where Time Travel and murder are controlled by organized crime.

In a stunning packaging concept by Jay Shaw, this 2XLP album comes in a embossed, gold foil gatefold jacket, housed in a custom, hand-embellished Canvas bag. With the help of local effects shop Hawgfly Productions, Mondo lovingly crafted a truly one-of-a-kind package befitting this modern sci-fi classic.

  • Deluxe Embossed Metallic Gold Gatefold, 2XLP housed in a handmade canvas slipcover, with diecut “blast hole”
  • Packaging design by Jay Shaw
  • Limited edition 2xLP in deluxe gatefold jacket pressed on 180 gram vinyl
  • Housed in a hand-embellished canvas bag
  • Featuring Liner Notes by Nathan Johnson

01. A Body That Does Not Technically Exist
02. A Day In The Life
03. Closing Your Loop
04. Seth's Tale
05. Run
06. A Life In A Day
07. Time Machine
08. Hunting The Past
09. Following The Loop
10. Mining For Memories
11. A New Scar
12. Her Face
13. Revelations
14. The Rainmaker
15. City Sweep
16. La Belle Aurore
17. Showdown
18. The Path Was A Circle
19. Everything Comes Around

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