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Director Suzuki Seijima, Shishido tablet starring 1967 The movie 'The Branding of Killing' Japanese Spy Jazz Original Sound Track is First Vinylized. The catch phrase at the time of release is "color, greed, betrayal ... Symphony of slaughter playing melodic skin and smoke!" Although it was enthusiastically supported by critics and young movie fans, President Nikkatsu at that time was furious at seeing the work and Suzuki was unilaterally notified of the termination of the exclusive contract by telephone.

A1. Murderer's Blues 1: 38
A2. Scotch and hard boiled rice Part 1 1:18
A3. Scotch and hard boiled rice Part 2 1: 54
A4. corpse backsheet 0: 53
A5. Hanada Bop 1:20
A6. Frame on Part 1 0:46
A7. Frame on Part 2 0:26
A8. I dislike Part 1 1:12
A9. I dislike part 2 3:13
A10. Grinding rice 1:32
A11. Devil's work 0:47
A12. Beast Beast 1: 56
A13. Butterfly poisoned needle Part 1 1: 02
A14. Butterfly poisoned needle Part 2 1:17
B1. Hanada's Needle Part 1 1:17
B2. Hanada's Needle Part 2 1:41
B3. Outside appearance of goodbye 1: 03
B4. Napoleon's Brandy 0:57
B5. Brethren 's Bruce (Humming Version) 1: 22
B6. Impact of Breakwater 1: 55
B7. Bossa Nova of a Hitman 1: 16
B8. Something happens 1: 53
B9. Beast like a beast 1: 15
B10. number one cry 1:14
B11. tape recorder is the fate of fate 1: 12
B12. Killing Blues Ending 0:57
B13. The killing blues karaoke 1:38
B14. No blues serif for killing 1:39
B15. Slurred Blues Outtake 1:38
B16. Killing Blues Ending Karaoke 0:56

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