Type a descriptionUnfeasibly tight Aussie post-punk trio, My Disco take a proper pasting from Regis and Lustmord in remixes of "Our Decade" and "1991" from the Severe (2015) LP. Severe was issued to underground acclaim, providing a shocking reminder of the trio's minimalist tension and vitality. Taking on "Our Decade", Regis masterfully eviscerates the original's drawling gothic vox in favor of white hot sheets of processed, coruscating guitar whilst the groove is brought right up front. Lustmord's take on "1991" is a gravely greyscale and super-wide overhaul perfused with curdled vocals and stark drums, like something out of a Scott Walker storyboard.

01. Our Decade (Regis Mix) 05:17 
02. 1991 (Lustmord 20/20 Mix) 12:45

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