Inspired by mankind’s greatest adventure -- the Moon landing and, before that, the space race between the US and USSR -- the LEM Tales project sees beat-maker and bass player Moonbrew join forces with organist and keyboardist Paolo Apollo Negri to create a sonic universe where hip hop meets funk, pop merges with jazz, old school interacts with new possibilities, and urban and space blend into something new. Chapter One narrates the space race from the American point of view, taking us on a journey from “Project Gemini” -- NASA’s second human spaceflight program -- to “Tranquillity Base”, the site on the Moon where Armstrong and Aldrin landed and walked in July 1969.

01. Project Gemini 03:36
02. Capsule Communicator 04:11
03. EMU 03:33
04. Saturn V 03:54
05. Mercury Seven 03:35
06. Tranquillity Base 03:25

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