The pure genius of Piero Umiliani in this sought-after library album, published in 1979 on the small imprint Sound Work Shop (label and recording studio owned by the master itself). Amazing electronic progression, bridging the gap between cosmic jazz and future groove. Impressive!

  • Clear vinyl

A1. Telescriventi (1:48)
A2. Telescriventi (1:48)
A3. News! (3:38)
A4. Inchiesta (3:05)
A5. Scoop (2:45)
A6. Prima Pagina (4:30)
A7. Ultimissime (1:45)
B1. Fatto Di Cronaca (3:07)
B2. Rotativa (3:38)
B3. Elzeviro (3:43)
B4. Edizione Straordinaria (2:52)
B5. Dossier (3:10)
B6. Top Secret (2:50)

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