"Following the work previously made on Cocktail Bar and Erbe Selvatiche, Modern Sound Quartet released their third full-length Floreama in 1977, this time focusing their work around the world of flowers. The twelve tracks on this recording boast the highest form of Italian jazz-funk vibes, with some rock, disco and spacey moods thrown in for good measure. Each flower sets the track in a different mood and brings the listener in a different dimension, alternating upbeat funky moments to some more mellow atmospheres. Now available on vinyl for the first time since its original release as a limited edition of 500 copies."

A1. Ginestra (Surdi)
A2. Rododendri (Cappellotto)
A3. Narciso (Verardi)
A4. Campanule (Verardi)
A5. Papaveri (Rocchi)
A6. Anemone (Cappellotto)
B1. Myosotis (Rocchi)
B2. Gladioli (Verardi)
B3. Ninfee (Rocchi)
B4. Fiordalisi (Verardi)
B5. Peonia (Cappellotto)
B6. Bucaneve (Surdi)

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